Get Information about our Privacy Policy

At Printer Support Number New Zealand, we respect your right to ascertain the way to handle your personal information as per the requirement. Thus, it is essential to maintain the points clear to configure our policy.

Reasons we collect your personal information

The essential points to collect and use your personal information in order to run our business and to provide assistance to set things like

  • Fulfill orders for the product you need service.
  • Provide complete product information when you require.
  • Maintain customer relationships and other business
  • Improve services we provide
  • Understand our customer’s satisfaction and demand that suit their needs

Information we need to collect

We collect personal information from our customers, business contacts, clients, and others when we essentially require them. We may collect the information when it’s depending on the circumstances such as when we require their names and contact details, and information about their:

  • Transactions
  • Getting support for the product
  • Maintain customer relationships and other business
  • Use of our products, and
  • Other interactions

We provide a solution to the people to share additional information with us if they wish and we need, such as the product you use and when you need to set them accordingly.